Open source monitoring

Professional Nagios monitoring

Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD)

op5 management tools


  • Extensive monitoring installation with revolutionary ‘site’ concept
  • Maintenance-friendly complete package of Nagios/Shinken/Icinga and the most useful add-ons – ‘out-of-the-box’
  • State-of-the-art enterprise solutions for proactive network monitoring and management
  • Practical experience and expertise: ConSol* is an accomplished op5 partner in the German-speaking region
  • The Nagios-based newcomer to open source monitoring
  • Distributed and scalable architecture: keeping pace with the growth of your IT environment
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Nagios developments from ConSol*

Database monitoring

Java server monitoring with Jolokia/Jmx4Perl


  • Alternative Web interface for Nagios/Shinken/Icinga
  • Advanced functionality


  • Module for the distributed execution of checks and event handlers
  • Several thousand checks per minute
  • Consistent monitoring for all databases
  • De-facto standard plug-ins for Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server and DB2
  • Consistent monitoring of heterogeneous Java server environments with Nagios
  • Early detection of memory leaks, identify slow response times etc.
  • Easy integration of the most important monitoring parameters
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Advice and support

  • Design, implementation and operation of monitoring systems
  • Many years of experience with projects of varying sizes – from SMEs to large corporations


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