About us

Thanks to our highly motivated, qualified and knowledgeable staff, our company has been growing steadily since its founding in 1984.

Facts & figures about ConSol

  • All of our services meet an extremely high standard when it comes to due diligence, good governance, and corporate ethics. We also place a great of emphasis on organic growth in all areas, including earnings
  • Revenue of the ConSol group in fiscal year 2017/2018: 28,1 million Euros
  • Steady organic growth since inception. We now employ 260 persons worldwide.

…and how they can benefit you:

  • We are a robust and reliable partner who always acts in our customers’ best interests
  • More than 30 years of IT industry experience
  • Extensive knowledge base: latest generation technologies and extensive experience ensure that your IT project will be completely successful

Further information about ConSol’s teams and successes