Chess sponsoring

Connecting over a game of chess: Chess tournament for employers and young refugees

An unconventional initiative took place recently, with the aim of giving refugees and employers a chance to get to know each other. The Munich Chess Foundation organized a tournament in May 2016, bringing together 40 pupils from the SchlaU-Schule (school for young refugees) and 30 employers for a game of chess. While pondering their next moves on the chessboard, the young refugees also contemplated their future careers – what industry they would like to work in, and what they expect from an internship. The aim of the event was to help young refugees find a way to start their careers and support employers in finding young talented people to recruit.

From promoting chess to professional success
ConSol attended the event, representing the IT industry. The full-service IT provider based in Munich, Germany, has been supporting the chess tournament for four years.

Company founder and Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Schwanengel says: “We would like to offer refugees a real career opportunity in our environment. A game of chess makes people face each other as equals. It gives refugees here a chance to show off their capabilities, unencumbered by language barriers.”

A 17-year-old from Syria was the first refugee to intern at ConSol and has already finished the internship. He will be doing two more internships starting in June 2016.

24-hour Blitz Grand Prix at Simultaneous Blindfold Chess World Record Attempt

The ConSol World Record Cup will be held at the Sontheim chess weekend in November 2011 as part of the Simultaneous Blind World Record Attempt – a 24-hour blitz grand prix with prizes worth a total of over €1,200. The cup is organized as a series of 12 blitz tournaments, which are continually played, restarting every two hours at the top of the hour and with nine Swiss system rounds. There are prizes and certificates for the winners of each blitz tournament, as well as for the overall winner.

ConSol has been supporting the chess competition for many years. Company founder and CEO Dr. Ulrich Schwanengel says, “Analyzing, thinking through the possible alternatives, and systematically implementing the proper strategy are qualities common to both competitive chess and IT consulting. Our IT specialists often use the same steps in consulting customers as a chess player uses to win a game.”

Chess championships

Dr. Schwanengel (rear) with (from left to right) German chess champions Luther, Lutz and Bischoff.

German national chess championship

We have been a sponsor of the German national chess championship since 2002. Our CEO Dr. Ulrich Schwanengel regularly attends the team’s tournaments.


ConSol is a regular sponsor of the ConSol Super 6 open blitz tournament, which is part of the blitz tournament series of FC Bayern’s chess division. Top national and local chess players participate in the six tournaments that are held each year.

Chess Instruction for Children

Class 2a at the elementary school on Fromunderstraße

ConSol supports Class 2a at the elementary school on Fromundstraße in Munich’s Giesing district through the Munich Chess Academy. With ConSol’s financial assistance, chess is planned to be integrated into classroom instruction.

Playing chess together establishes community spirit amongst the children and deemphasizes cultural differences, allowing the children to establish a lasting feeling of belonging together. This encourages peaceful relations, which itself is the most fertile ground for performing well in school.

Principal Ms. Kirch:
“Many children lack a sense of calm and balance, which is then reflected in their lack of concentration when working and their low capacity to absorb information. Limited time and financial opportunities, as well as language barriers, make it difficult for parents to offer their children interesting and goal-oriented activities outside of school.”

For these reasons, ConSol is all the more happy to be able to offer the children such an activity.

Easter Chess Workshop for Children of ConSol Employees

The positive effect of chess training on childhood development has been repeatedly proven scientifically. For this reason, ConSol has for years been providing a free chess workshop for interested children of employees – in cooperation with the Munich Chess Academy: An intensive chess workshop is offered to 5–13 year old children over the course of several days at the ConSol headquarters in Munich during the Easter break – in various levels depending on age and prior knowledge.

Trainers from the Chess Academy make a point to teach the game in a playful manner, to relate chess with images and stories, and to make the workshop and the game a fun experience. Proof that the classes were particularly exciting and inspiring could be found in the fact that the children continued to enthusiastically discuss various chess experiences, even during their lunch break.

Not only does this special form of chess sponsorship offer a free activity to the children, it also serves to help ConSol parents keep working during the school break – Employee Support and Motivation the ConSol Way.