Corporate social responsibility

At ConSol people come first. This guiding principle of our company philosophy is clearly evidenced by the highly collegial relationships between our staff members. We apply this same principle to our relationship with the world around us – for example via our commitment to universities and other educational institutions.

Our goal

We conduct an ongoing dialogue with prominent experts and regularly attend conferences and other events on economic and social issues


Dialogues with prominent businesspersons; support for progressive and sustainable projects



Promoting the personal and professional development of our staff members



Supporting talented young people who show promise in the fields of management and technology and providing them with a glimpse of the business world.




Selected activities

  • Roundtable discussion at a Munich Chamber of Commerce event on the role of family friendliness in local communities
  • Roundtable discussion on brain drain at the 16th annual Munich employment conference

  • Roundtable discussion at the German Economic Forum 2008
  • Lecture at the Woman’s Business Club: “Promoting growth via our employees”

  • Partnership with the “New Quality of Work” (INQA) project
  • Active participation in a conference titled “Employer appeal in Germany”

  • Regular participation in Munich Technical University’s mentoring program; lectures and roundtable discussions at the university
  • Lecture titled “The adventure of entrepreneurship” at the University of Munich
  • Lecture titled “Participatory corporate culture” at Amberg-Weiden University

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