Social sponsoring

SOS Children’s Villages

We have been sponsoring SOS children’s villages throughout the world for the past 15 years. We also keep in touch with the SOS children for whom we are sponsors, namely Denis from Burundi, Tenzin from Tibet, Kala from Nepal, Sandra from the Ivory Coast and Anil from Nepal.

Our sponsorship enables these four children to live in supervised groups and attend school – and later on will allow them to vocational training.

Namaste Foundation

The Namaste Foundation sponsors development projects in Nepal – for many years now with financial support from ConSol. A health clinic was constructed in Bolde in 1998, thus fulfilling the foundation’s initial major goal that “No one should die of a minor ailment in Bolde any more.”

In October 2004 a children’s hospital in Dhulikhel was completed that was financed by the Namaste Foundation. This was the first hospital ever built in a region with 1.5 million inhabitants.

The Namaste Foundation is also financing school construction in Bolde and toilets and water tanks for schools there.

Inasmuch as Bolde’s schools are made of corrugated metal and have very limited space, they are being renovated and expanded at a rapid clip, and new schools are being built.
Left: The pediatric hospital in Dhulikhel (shown here in front of the “mother hospital”) that was financed by the Namaste Foundation. Right: We also support a Nepalese girl named Kabita, shown here with her mother and a friend.


Via the booster club Inhlanhla e.V. ConSol supports the so-called “children families” in and around Durban, of which one or both of the parents have died – the AIDS rate in the Zulu population is around 45%. The hard-working women support not only their own numerous children mostly with jobs miles away und reachable on foot, but also those of their deceased relatives. The result is that the children have to look after themselves, so that, for example, a twelve year-old takes on the responsibility for the younger siblings. Additionally, the fixed income of a single person seldom suffices for so many dependents – it just isn’t enough.

Inhlanhla gives its charges a new perspective with school bus tickets, school uniforms, food, and a roof overhead.

IT know-how for social institutions

New Website for Children’s Home in Oberammergau

Health Day 2011 at ConSol also served to support the website relaunch for the Marie-Mattfeld-Haus, a children’s home in Oberammergau, Germany. Employees exhibited an impressive degree of athleticism, using a rowing machine to raise money for the new public image of the children’s home. ConSol donated €5 for each kilometer rowed and then added more funds to the final amount earned by rowing. The money made it possible to redesign and restructure the home’s website. Kurt Meier, Board Chairperson for the children’s home explained that, “The new website is very easy to navigate and makes a strong impression. It will help us to collect more donations to benefit the children.”

Médecins du Monde

ConSol supports the work of the German arm of Médecins du Monde by providing IT expertise for administration of their Web site, as well as PCs at discount prices. In addition, one of our staff members provides the organization with advice in matters such as selecting software, electronic donation management, and e-mail newsletters..

Relaunch of the Ottobrunn elementary school Web site

In 2008 the Web design experts from ConSol’s subsidiary allez! helped Ottobrunn primary school with the relaunch of their Web site free of charge.
According to school principal Barbara Weingärtner, “Our new Web site looks great and is extremely user friendly.”
In addition, each of the school’s teachers can now create their own Web page without outside assistance.

Brunnthal Elementary School: Developing and Hosting the School Website

The ConSol subsidiary allez!, experts for web design, supported Brunnthal Elementary School in 2010 by donating development services for their own homepage. The site is also hosted free of charge at ConSol’s own data center.
Head Teacher Claudia Lehmann noted that, “The homepage is very easy to navigate, and is clear and informative. Parents can use the site to stay informed about current events, special announcements, and scheduled dates. The site’s design has a good sense of color and is very appealing. The homepage is easy to maintain. We are very grateful for the uncomplicated and professional collaboration, as well as for the free hosting.”