AOK Bayern: Putting an end to fraud in the healthcare industry

AOK Bayern successfully uses the ConSol CM process management solution to combat fraud in the healthcare industry. During its first two years in use, the largest health insurance company in the Free State of Bavaria was able to use the software to uncover illegal activities involving financial resources amounting to over €13 million.

The solution helps standardize business processes. This results in faster workflows and a high level of transparency and synergies between the different departments. This way, it is easier to detect and combat irregularities and any unlawful or improper use of financial resources. Out of the amount totaling over €13 million, AOK Bayern has already been able to get over €9 million back within the scope of compensation for damages.


  • Consistent, streamlined business processes in all departments
  • High level of transparency and synergy effects
  • Faster identification of irregularities in the use of financial resources
  • Millions in additional revenues due to compensation for damages
  • Minimal training required thanks to intuitive handling

“The ConSol software makes our business processes so transparent that
fraud patterns stand out like a sore thumb. It’s definitely a bad time for fraudsters.”

Ralf M.K. Brum, Head of Consumer Protection at AOK Bayern

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