AXA Assistance: Optimal service quality



The AXA Assistance IT support specialists process the requests of 300 employees centrally in ConSol CM. The software makes AXA Assistance’s helpdesk more transparent and efficient, thus supporting the continual improvement of IT infrastructure and service quality. The helpdesk solution is used at both AXA Assistance sites in Munich and Frankfurt/Oder, Germany, for internal IT support.
AXA Assistance opted for the ConSol solution primarily because of its great flexibility: With the powerful workflow engine, AXA Assistance’s specific service processes can be mapped quickly and easily, ensuring transparency and streamlined workflows throughout the company. ConSol CM’s high degree of usability and simple administration were another two factors in its favor. Little training is required thanks to the solution’s intuitive operation. AXA Assistance can carry out the administration and expansion of ConSol CM themselves, without running up costs for consulting.


  • Company-wide utilization
  • Service process transparency
  • Streamlined workflows
  • High degree of usability and simple administration
  • Flexible reportings

“Even during pilot operation we were astonished by how many support requests we were actually able to process every day – before using ConSol CM, we never had this kind of transparency. The software has considerably improved communication within IT support between our two sites.”

Dorothée Appel, Director of IT and Technology, AXA Assistance

More details in our complete success story (pdf).