Barmenia: Productive operation after three days of test

Everyday problems encountered by IT users cost companies both time and money. A suitable piece of software can deliver considerable savings, as the Barmenia example shows. Barmenia has used a help desk system in internal IT support for many years. However, after six years, the system was no longer able to stay on top of the latest requirements. It would have been too expensive to expand the software, as the insurance company would not have been able to reprogram it on its own.

ConSol provided a customized help desk system for the test phase. It was used to quickly and simply map specific Barmenia service processes. A decision was made in favor of ConSol CM after a three-day test in parallel operation with the formerly used software. The new solution was then put into productive operation. It was clear that the software was quickly accepted by all of the IT employees involved. The users figured out how to navigate the software well on their own and the process of completing tasks became far more effective.

The fully open architecture and associated flexibility of the new web-based software proved to be particularly beneficial.


  • High degree of acceptance among all employees involved
  • Simplified workflows and transparent processes
  • Dramatic reduction in IT costs

“Making the switch to the ConSol solution allowed us to dramatically simplify all of our workflows in the internal user help desk, and this has significantly reduced IT costs.”

Lothar Klose, Head of Communication and Office Service department at Barmenia

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