BR: Service management and service accounting

In its Television Systems Technology department, “Bayerischer Rundfunk” (BR, Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation) is using the ConSol CM service management solution for user support as well as for time recording and cost allocation. One of the most successful aspects of the software is the workflow engine, which impresses with its ability to quickly and simply map service processes. Another plus is ConSol CM’s ease of operation: employees are able to use the software after just a brief training period.

ConSol CM improves the exchange of information between the 80 employees and the communication with customers. ConSol CM workflows help prioritize all incoming requests to User Support into first-, second-, and third-level requests. A Web-based interface allows service staff to access all relevant information at any time. Transparent operating processes minimize processing times.

Multilevel attributes in make sure that time data from trouble tickets gets transferred to the time recording function. This enables the work performed by Support to be allocated to a corresponding department and invoiced.


  • Simpler workflows in service management – greater transparency, significantly reduced processing times
  • High degree of user acceptance
  • Source-specific internal cost allocation
  • Automatic reports for controlling and administration
  • Scalable system, little administrative effort required

“We especially value the transparency that ConSol CM has given us. Now we can see at a glance which tasks have been performed by which departments. It is also important for us that the employees accept the system. In this case, during the few months of the test phase, we were able to process a thousand requests.”

Ingo Kullmann, Director of FS Systems Technology, Bayerischer Rundfunk


More details in our complete success story (pdf).