Brainloop: Secure customer service from ConSol

IT full-service provider implements the ConSol CM customer service management solution.

Brainloop AG is the leading provider of solutions that enable users to work on confidential information and documents in the company across sectors in a fully secure manner. The company has now opted for the ConSol CM solution from Munich-based ConSol Software GmbH to process its customer service. The customer service department captures and processes all support requests regarding the highly secure, web-based platform from Brainloop. These so-called data rooms are made available to external customers. ConSol’s customer service management software ConSol CM prevailed over its competitors in the selection process thanks to the flexibility of the comprehensive solution, easy implementation, excellent usability functions, and the option to develop SaaS and on-site installations.

Bainloop’s Requirements:

Brainloop offers user-friendly data rooms, which enable companies to share highly confidential information and documents securely, even across several different companies. Companies can automatically roll out, for example, security concepts and compliance regulations in these data rooms, where the highly confidential documents are edited and exchanged with external partners. Fast and professional processing of support requests is essential to ensure that a secure data exchange can take place at any time. A ticket is created when no SMS messages can be sent from the data room or when a particular document is no longer accessible, for example. The ticket is then forwarded to the operations department when serious problems arise that affect the server, for example.
“We had various requirements for the new solution and had to integrate an extremely wide range of processes in customer support. We wanted to find an all-in-one solution,” explains Susanne Raisch, Head of Customer Support at Brainloop. “The important factors for us were a central tracking system for incoming helpdesk requests, the traceability of requests, and the fastest possible reaction times. And we found all of these elements in the ConSol CM customer service management solution.”