City of Celle: Tailored IT service management according to ITIL

The Celle city council relies on ConSol CM in internal IT support and is thereby able to provide ITIL-compliant IT service management. Incident management including a service desk in accordance with ITIL has already been implemented. The next stage will see release management and change management processes mapped using the ConSol software. In addition, the solution will be used in central planning and controlling.

The new help desk solution offers many advantages, both to the eight support employees and the over 550 IT users. Standardized processes and greater transparency enable significantly faster response and resolution times. In addition, support employees can provide their ‘patrons’ with information on the status of their activities in good time.


  • Standardized processes, increased transparency
  • Shorter response and service times
  • Transparent management of customer contact, history, complaints status
  • Higher service standard thanks to individual processes
  • Platform-independent, expandable solution

“ITIL and the new ConSol solution have ushered in a new era in internal user support. Of course, this new era came with dramatic changes to the work routine that required support employees to be willing to engage in a new process-oriented approach to their work. They can now perform their work far more efficiently and enjoy it more, simply because they are more satisfied. This goes to show that our decision to opt for ConSol CM was the right one.”

Rainer Badur, certified ITIL Service Manager at Celle city council

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