Complaint management at Frankfurt airport

Fraport AG, one of the world’s largest airport operators, organizes complaint management at Frankfurt Airport using the ConSol CM customer service management (CSM) solution. The ‘Impulse Management’ measure aims at using a central solution to accept, process, analyze, and evaluate customer feedback.
To this end, all types of feedback are bundled in ConSol CM as a platform and mapped for further processing in order to be able to respond faster and more effectively, particularly when it comes to complaints. This way, it is possible to analyze all feedback across all divisions and derive recommendations for action.

Advantages of using the central ConSol CM platform

  • Customer satisfaction thanks to the possibility to respond faster and more effectively
  • Significant reduction of the workload in complaint management
  • Informative and comparable data at all times
  • Analysis across sectors and securing of recommendations for action
  • Complaint reports for management in real-time

“Since going live, the operational area is quite satisfied. Users especially appreciate the simple operation, clarity, transparency, and speed of the software.
The management is pleased with the consistent data basis and the reports on all workflows.”

Thomas Klisch, Technical Director of the Impulse Management project at Fraport AG