d-kn Group: Better customer service for automobile manufacturers

The d-kn group specializes in customer service management for major automobile manufacturers and operates the entire customer service front office on behalf of its customers. This requires flexible and reliable software that can be deployed in every situation that can be used to manage and evaluate requests from potential and existing customers as well as dealers. For the d-kn group, ConSol operates and supports its ConSol CM customer service solution within the context of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This allows the d-kn group to enjoy guaranteed system availability as well as a high level of flexibility, since on-site installation is not required.

Additional Benefits:

  • Predictable monthly costs without a high upfront investment
  • Transparency: Mapping of all customer service processes
  • Graphic business process editor: Central modeling and direct implementation of a wide range of business processes
  • General and system maintenance, including updates, by ConSol: Minimum in-house IT costs
  • Web-based solution: easy to connect to processes of independent organizations

“We were seriously impressed with the flexibility of the system. The Web-based solution enables us not only to link to customer processes, but ConSol CM also provides complete documentation. Every person that works in the service department has a detailed overview of the status of all current requests. We particularly enjoy the Business Process Designer, the solution that allows us to flexibly configure our processes. With the administration and configuration consoles, we are also able to independently create data models and assign rights. At the moment we aren’t even taking full advantage of all the possibilities that the system offers. But this will most certainly change in the future.”

Christian Felber, CRM Manager at d-kn group