HARIBO: Efficiency in consumer services

Top product quality and detailed knowledge of customer requirements are the pillars of success of at HARIBO, founded in 1920. Customer service plays a key role, acting as a means to connect with customers. The gummy bear producer based in Bonn captures and processes all end consumer requests using the ConSol CM complaints management software.

Whether it be inquiries on ingredients or supply sources for individual products, requests for donations, or complaints, every interaction with customers is captured in ConSol CM in a new incident. The operating processes clearly defined using the software’s workflow editor ensure customized efficiency during request processing. The shorter throughput times mean each customer quickly receives an individual, rather than a standardized, response. When it comes to complaints, this is a decisive factor in improving customer satisfaction.


  • Processing time for complaints cut in half – increased customer satisfaction
  • Maximum transparency in customer contact
  • Improved control over causes and elimination of errors
  • Diverse evaluation options for quality assurance and product development

“The flexibility and ease of operation of ConSol CM has allowed us to cut in half the amount of time it takes to process a complaint, including eliminating the causes, to an average of two days. The system creates a space for individually consulting each and every consumer.”

Marco Alfter, Press Officer and Head of Company Communication

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