Käserei Champignon: High quality when it comes to cheese and IT

Käserei Champignon, based in the Allgäu region of Germany, is known for its handcrafted traditions, the high quality of its products, and its camembert. The cheese factory has something else to be proud of when it comes to its IT. Founded in 1908, the company manages IT support for around 450 employees using the state-of-the-art help desk and task management software from ConSol.

Even the demo version of ConSol CM showed that the software covered all of the required criteria. It is a flexible workflow solution that centrally records all requests, prioritizes them, and distributes them to five support employees. After a workshop, a decision was made in favor of the software – an investment of under €20,000 that should really pay off.


  • Transparency in IT support processes
  • All requests are captured and prioritized centrally and assigned to employees
  • Clearly regulated responsibilities: No chance of inadvertently processing requests multiple times
  • Automated e-mails on the processing status: Reduced workload for service employees
  • Vast IT knowledge database of the help desk solution

“In the past, we worked with the ‘biocomputer,’ or in other words, with task lists and our employees’ capacity for remembering. Back then, now and then a request was processed multiple times. Those days are definitely over.”

Meinhard Kirschbaum, Head of IT Support, Käserei Champignon 

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