KVN: Seamless IT monitoring of the server landscape

Complex IT infrastructures that enable the exchange of sensitive information require failure-free operation. For this reason, virtually all web applications at Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachen (KVN, the association of statutory health insurance doctors in Lower Saxony) are monitored using Nagios. However, some web applications in the online portal are based on Java. It was not possible to monitor them with Nagios until the Java application server was integrated using a solution developed by ConSol, as there had been compatibility problems in the past. The implementation of the Nagios plug-in jmx4perl made it possible for KVN to expand its services to doctors and offer reliable access to many online services through web applications. This way, it is possible to monitor the entire server landscape.


  •  Powerful system with maximum reliability: Both doctors and on-call teams can work efficiently
  • Seamless access for members to KVN services and information: Invoicing, management of on-call staff, quality management requests, among many others

“The integration has allowed us to monitor the entire server landscape and offer better service to our members, since we can react to problems with the application server proactively. We detect the problem even before users are able to report it to us, and we can fix it quickly. This saves time for the on-call team and offers members a fast solution. We are pleased to have the support of a Nagios expert such as ConSol, who is able to enhance the benefits of open-source monitoring through in-house solutions.”

Helmut Konradt, Head of IT at KVN