Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.: Sales management

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., the well-known supplier of output solutions, has been using the complete ConSol CM CRM product range since late 2005. After only two months of implementation, the pilot solution went live. Since then it has undergone continual expansion to add processes and users.

The Web-based ConSol solution—which KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. calls KYOonedesign—unites different data sources in a single customer-data platform that manages the entire sales cycle for KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Marketing, Sales and Service pool their information: The platform coordinates the resources for enquiries, info materials, customer management, service tickets and more.

The result: The three departments have reduced their overall workload and benefited from data maintenance synergies, significantly improving their customer service outcomes.


  • Only two months of pilot implementation
  • Multiple data sources united in one platform to create synergy effects
  • More transparency, e.g., Sales can access service tickets
  • ConSol CM as ‘virtual SAP user’—automated copying of dealer information and enquiries to the SAP system

“Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, ConSol CRM software enables you to think big, but start small.”

Stefan Mauer, Business Development Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.

More details in our complete success story (pdf).