M-net: Electronic data exchange makes process of changing carriers easier

In order to optimize the processes of changing carriers and increase customer satisfaction, M-net decided to introduce the new WBCI standard (WITA Based Carrier Interface) for data exchange with other carriers and commissioned ConSol to implement it.

The WBCI project team worked with the agile software development model Scrum in order to find the best solution in terms of business and technology. After just a few short weeks, the customer service employees were able to independently test the first set of WBCI functionalities in the user test
environments. The team then flexibly incorporated change requests into the subsequent work package.

M-net used the Citrus test framework from ConSol (www.citrusframework.org) to test interface implementation under real-life conditions while the project was ongoing.


  • Agile development: Ideal technical and professional solution
  • Quality assurance to accompany development process
  • Seamless introduction of interface during ongoing operations
  • Fast, automated processes: Save on time and costs, improved service quality

ˮWe are delighted that the roll-out during ongoing operations was so successful. This can also be attributed to the excellent teamwork between the customer service, IT, and process and quality management departments and the IT service provider ConSol.ˮ
Alexander Hauswald, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Software Development at M-net

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