M-net: Future-proof monitoring with the established Nagios

M-net opted to implement a new monitoring system in order to achieve a higher level of transparency in terms of the availability and performance of its IT systems and secure them over the long term using coordinated monitoring. A decision was made in favor of the op5 Monitor solution from Swedish software manufacturer op5 and ConSol. ConSol prevailed over its competitors in a comprehensive selection process thanks to its expertise and experience in open-source monitoring, particularly its extensive knowledge of Nagios, as well as its partnership with op5.

Monitoring internal company IT is a central aspect of quality assurance for a telecommunications provider like M-net. The IT landscape at M-net had become increasingly complex over the years and the demands placed on the existing monitoring system were constantly increasing. While M-net automated many administrative processes to the greatest possible degree, it was still necessary to manually configure new hosts or services, for example, in the monitoring system. There was no defined interface with which to simply and efficiently create new monitoring objects in the system. The old system could only be used to a limited extent for more complex evaluations regarding the availability of the infrastructure.

op5 Monitor, the monitoring software, combines Nagios and the key add-ons for it into one uniform solution. A graphical operating and configuration interface as well as comprehensive SLA reporting functions make for a well-rounded product. M-net uses op5 Monitor to monitor all of its company IT, including the VMware environment, Oracle databases, Java Application Server, storage systems, and all network components.

As part of the migration from the legacy system to op5 Monitor, ConSol analyzed, adapted, and integrated all of the existing checks and added numerous new checks. In total, around 11,000 checks are now used to secure the operation of the systems. That’s around ten times more than the old system. ConSol will remain responsible for bug fixes, maintenance, and updates
after the end date of the project as part of the op5 support agreement and will therefore work in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

“op5 Monitor reliably reports all incidents and failures to the respective specialist department. The graphical representation of the measured values provides us with a huge amount of support when it comes to
detecting anomalies and proactively correcting performance bottlenecks. ConSol provides us with IT expertise, consulting services, and support – all from a single source. And it’s based very close to our location.”

Andreas Schachtner, UNIX System Manager,
IT Operation and Support at M-net

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