Managing vehicle testing effectively and transparently

Our customer is one of Germany’s largest automobile manufacturers. It was looking for a central IT solution for the entire lifecycle management of test vehicles, from needs assessment to vehicle ordering right through to multiple use.

Vehicle planners, developers, and bookers can now transparently manage the entire lifecycle of the test vehicle on the company’s intranet using the software developed by ConSol. When and where is a specific vehicle needed? Does the portfolio have a model with the required components? Which car can be modified with the least amount of effort? Where is there a need for testing in the coming months?

The first stage saw ConSol implement a solution for vehicle use from the request right through to issuance of the vehicle. ConSol subsequently extended the application to include modules for vehicle ordering and test planning.

Project implementation was based on modern technical standards. ConSol ensured the smooth data exchange between the central lifecycle management solution, several Oracle databases, and a DB2 database by using the right interfaces. ConSol also integrated several legacy systems so that these too can be used in the new solution without any problems. User access and the complex release authorizations are regulated via multiple LDAP servers.


  • Transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of the test vehicle
  • Central data storage: All information is up-to-date and consistent
  • Company-wide search of the entire vehicle fleet via a web service
  • Sustainable ROI thanks to the expandability of the application

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