Munich Municipal Sewage Disposal: Flowing processes

Münchner Stadtentwässerung MSE (Munich Municipal Sewage Disposal) is using the helpdesk solution ConSol CM for its internal user services and IT task management. Internal workflows are streamlined and much more transparent now. Thanks to the new software, the 20 employees in the IT department can work faster and satisfy their more than 700 ‘customers’.

The optimized IT support processes were exemplary for other departments: MSE meanwhile has analyzed other processes in order to identify areas where improvements might be possible. With success: ConSol CM is now also being used by administration, for example for building management.


  • Faster task processing
  • Tasks are not tied to staff members – easy handling when someone else needs to fill in
  • Open interfaces allow for easy integration into existing IT environment
  • Scalability

More details in our complete success story (pdf)