O2 Germany: SOA-based business process management solution

ConSol developed a central software application for O2 Germany as part of the ‘Service PRovider INTegration’ project, or SPRINT for short. The application connects all O2 service providers consistently and securely to the IT infrastructure of the mobile telecommunications provider. O2 aimed to be able to centrally manage all business processes via a service provider portal.

ConSol created a business process management (BPM) solution based on an enterprise service bus from TIBCO that makes it possible to uniformly handle all business processes for prepaid and postpaid customers, such as activating, deactivating, changing, or porting a telephone number. To achieve this, it was necessary to set up a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and adapt the services from O2 to make them suitable for an SOA environment. ConSol implemented proprietary adapters for some, while it was possible to directly connect others, for example, as a web service or via CORBA.


  • Efficient business processes
  • All incoming messages are processed according to predefined rules and run through the appropriate workflow
  • Secure connection of service provider and customers

“We knew from previous projects that the ConSol team was capable of successfully implementing SOA projects based on TIBCO. Our decision to opt for the Munich-based IT company was correct. The challenging project was completed both on time and on budget, and the software has been in productive operation for a short while now.”

Florian Hascher, Head of Analysis at O2 Germany

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