Parasol Island: 24/7 remote media production support

Parasol Island carries out sophisticated film, animation and interaction productions for international companies from the lifestyle, entertainment and consumer goods industries. The use of modern technology underlines Parasol Island’s success in this fast moving, highly competitive field. To ensure the continuous availability of business-critical production systems in its Apple and Windows environment, Parasol Island relies on ConSol’s comprehensive administrative services.


  • Significant cost savings through recourse to existing 24/7 structures
  • ConSol specialists’ sound Apple and Windows expertise
  • ConSol’s hands-on industry experience
  • Quick response time

“ConSol specialists’ technical skills, also in reference to the media industry, as well as access to its existing 24/7 structure offsets the work of several highly-qualified administrators—with the advantage that ConSol’s employees bring with them sound, cutting-edge expertise covering all of our infrastructure needs that would have been difficult to generate internally.”

Sebastian Druschel, Managing Partner and Head of IT at Parasol Island

More details in our complete success story (pdf).