Performant, secure, scalable: high-power integration interface

ConSol, in the scope of a comprehensive EAI project, has created a platform through which the Vodafone external partner systems like portals (e.g. customer portal myVodafone) and other Vodafone operating companies (e.g. Vodafone Netherlands) can connect directly to the Vodafone Germany systems – without security or  performance loss.

The project was gradually implemented by a team of 5-12 software developers and took just about one year. ConSol was responsible for the conception, implementation, quality assurance and integration of the new platform. ConSol took over the continuous maintenance of, in addition to the hardware,  also the software for Vodafone Germany.

The LIG platform consists of high-available and premium quality middleware applications, runs at present in a cluster on eight nodes and fulfills the current security standards for the protection of internal systems. Only cluster-capable Open Source components are being deployed: MySQL as  clustered database, ActiveMQ as clustered messaging platform and Glassfish as application server. In addition to the clustering, LIG protects the sensible backend systems from too high a load, through a throttling-mechanism.

In total, ConSol has established 14 external services like for example the Global Integration Gateway GIG of the  Vodafone Group, Salesforce, and an Order & Contract Management. Moreover, ConSol connected eight internal backend systems, including the customer information system KIAS, through the internal Enterprise Service Bus. Due to its high flexibility and scalablity, the Local Integration Gateway is also ready for future enhancements.

For the simulation of the external partner and the internal backend systems, ConSol uses Citrus in the scope of quality assurance. By running approximately 500 automated tests, ConSol assured that the functionality of the existing developments would not be restricted or unwantedly changed by new developments.

„Thanks to the Local Integration Gateway, it’s now possible for Vodafone partners to initiate information queries and processes directly in the Vodafone Backend Systems. LIG protects thereby the internal backend systems against unauthorized access and overload, creates standards for the partner integration, and is simultaneously flexible enough to integrate partners individually.“

Christian Wied,
Senior Software Consultant at ConSol

More details in our complete success story (pdf).