Riege Software: Monitoring from globally distributed IT systems

Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD) based on Shinken

As a provider and hosting partner of software solutions for air and sea freight operations and customs applications, Riege Software International cannot afford to experience failures in its globally distributed IT systems. Any time delays due to a systems failure would result in huge financial losses for Riege customers, who mainly ship containers worldwide. This is why the logistics specialists decided to introduce OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) based on Shinken. ConSol developed the implementation guidelines for this system. The experts at ConSol synthesized all of the available information into a concept for implementing a monitoring system distributed globally across Riege’s external sites.

OMD is a completely new approach to setting up a modern, opensource monitoring system. This monitoring ecosystem integrates Nagios, Shinken and all components required for complex monitoring including Nagios plug-ins, PNP4Nagios, and the Apache HTTP Server. OMD/Shinken enables the monitoring of distributed sites with few changes necessary. For Riege, these sites are the data centers in Meerbusch, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong. Unlike traditional Nagios solutions that require a specific configuration for each site, Shinken allows maintenance at a single site, in Riege’s case the headquarters in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. OMD based on Shinken provides a state-of-the-art concept for the installation and operation of monitoring systems for distributed environments. All monitoring results are merged at the headquarters through the Thruk web interface, also developed at ConSol. Reliability is ensured by redundant components at each site: For example, two computers run in parallel at each subsidiary for the monitoring of the system landscape on site. Even if the network connection to the  external sites is lost, the monitoring system continues to run autonomously.

“We chose ConSol Software GmbH for this assignment because it has anexcellent reputation in the Nagios world and its employees are very active in Nagios. Being in direct contact with the head developer of Shinken made communication much easier. Bugs in Shinken were quickly fixed through ConSol. The guidelines were developed so perfectly that the concept could be implemented one-to-one. Even during the implementation, the experts at ConSol were there for us with advice and support.”

Gunther Schlegel, Head of IT Infrastructure at Riege

More details in our complete success story (pdf)