RZV GmbH: IT support for complex applications

RZV GmbH is a leading provider of data processing solutions for the social and healthcare industry, offering a broad range of services in the areas of human resources and business management as well as medicine and patient care and management. On average, the RZV Service Center—which acts as the customers’ single point of contact—receives 150 service requests each day. These are processed with the Web-based helpdesk software ConSol CM, which ensures quick and efficient case handling and makes the entire workflow transparent—from request entry all the way through to central archiving of the processing history.

The ConSol CM editing screens are custom-designed to meet the support needs of the individual RZV departments, including the SAP ERP solutions (FI, CO, FI-AA, MM), SAP for Healthcare (with SAP Patient Management), and the integration of medical information systems. In the event of a system fault, check boxes provided by the system help the user quickly localize and identify the specific problem. This saves precious time, for instance when passing on cases to third level support, as all relevant information is immediately available.


  • Overview of customer requests and the related case processing
  • Transparent service processes and responsibilities
  • Personalized editing screens
  • Even better customer service
  • Centrally stored processing history
  • Highly scalable solution that easily integrates into existing IT landscapes

“Thanks to ConSol CM, we now always know the precise number and type of service requests in the system—and we can fully trace the history of each service ticket. Also, the precise capture of support cases significantly speeds up the handover between different groups of processing agents, which is one of the main reasons why our employees have accepted the new software so quickly.”

Jochen Markschat, Service Center Director at RZV GmbH


More details in our complete success story (pdf).