SOA Platform: Unlimited communication due to flexible IT architecture

Agile software development

ConSol has developed and installed a web-based mail and messaging platform for the DSL customers communications group of Vodafone. For the services E-Mail, SMS, MMS, address book, and calendar in the Vodafone customer sector, ConSol developed a flexible IT architecture (integration layer), which connects all services with one another.

Through the integration layer any desired client can interact and communicate independent of language with the backend systems. The on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles based server unites the existing components and makes it possible for Vodafone to provide its customers with comprehensive services. Through the separation of the integration and presentation layers, clients for different countries and devices like PCs or smartphones can be integrated. Then the end user always has the familiar standard view, regardless from which country or which device he logs on.

For developing, ConSol used the agile Scrum-Method in the software development. Thanks to this procedure, all releases could be delivered on time. Through regular status information and live-demos, which are components of the Scrum processes, Vodafone was always informed about the current state of development. Scrum is becoming more meaningful in the software development, since it makes possible a lean project organisation and fast results.

Currently the platform „Unified Comms“ is already being used by several thousand DSL customers in the customer sector and is based on an architecture which is designed for users in the single-digit millions. Consequently, „Unified Comms“ is optimally prepared for an increasing number of users. Vodafone thereby commands over a modern communications platform which provides various mobile and social network services. Moreover, the integration of acquired land-line vendors, like recently Arcor, is facilitated.

The new platform serves as a basis for further expansion stages. The range should be so expanded in the future and made available to the many millions of mobile phone customers.

More details in our complete success story (pdf)