Uninterrupted IT operation for Carglass

The vehicle glass specialist Carglass offers a quick, reliable repair service for
all damages to the glass on a vehicle. The business model is based on delivering excellent customer service with fast, central appointment scheduling and associated services, for example, invoicing to the insurance company. Carglass Deutschland receives approximately 2,200 orders per day, which need to be booked and logistically coordinated either online or via telephone.

The company depends on the stable, uninterrupted operation of its IT systems for customer service and logistics in order to successfully fulfill orders. Any downtime means orders cannot be accepted or executed during this time. Other consequences include financial loss and dissatisfied customers. In order to be able to identify faults and perform troubleshooting early on, the glass specialist decided to implement the OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution)
monitoring ecosystem and commissioned ConSol to provide implementation
and support services.


  • Stable, uninterrupted operation of business-critical IT systems
  • Low installation costs, no license fees
  • Implementation of monitoring solution and 24/7 support from a single source
  • Personal hotline number and support e-mail address

ˮWe found in ConSol a medium-sized IT company and monitoring specialist who works with us as equal partners. They were able to flexibly customize their services according to our needs and have a regional office in the area as well.ˮ
Frank Müller, IT Manager at Carglass

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