University of Duisburg-Essen: IT and media support with ConSol CM

It is no longer possible to operate a university without IT support. The Center for Information and Media Services (CIM) at the University of Duisburg-Essen relies on the ConSol CM customer service management solution to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. The aim was to provide management, teaching staff, research employees, and students at one of Germany’s largest universities with a better service and support when using IT and media.
All IT requests, such as incidents and problems, are reported to CIM. As such, ConSol CM acts both as a hub for all requests and a knowledge database containing successfully closed tickets that all processors can call up in the event of similar requests. This ensures shorter response times and increased efficiency during processing. What’s more, knowledge gained from earlier requests flows into the process of improving products and services and is used to update and extend the FAQs, which offer users helpful information for troubleshooting. In the future, an online portal will allow staff and students alike to see the processing status of the requests and view existing solutions.

Advantages of ConSol CM in IT & media support

  •  Shorter response times and increased efficiency during the processing of requests
  • Individual service processes and short response times
  • Fast support, satisfied users

“We opted for ConSol CM because it’s a powerful yet easy-to-use system. Due to the vast size of our university, we receive several hundred requests of all types every week, and we’re able to process them quickly and in a target-oriented manner,” says Dr. Holger Gollan, Deputy Director of the Media and Customer Service division at the CIM. “Since we introduced ConSol CM, we have significantly reduced response times, increased our processing rate, and saved a lot of time.”

Dr. Holger Gollan, Deputy Director of the Media and Customer Service division at the CIM