Customer references – ConSol CM


“ConSol and its distribution partner com.cultur were able to win us over during the selection phase with a professional pilot installation, which the two companies were able to get up and running in only 15 days. In addition to this, the software itself is so flexible that it can map all of our process requirements and specifications easily and implement these individually. The interface connection to our internal product database was also implemented in just a few days. The web client from ConSol is so simple and clearly laid out that it has allowed us to train our employees how to operate the system in no time. With ConSol CM, we were now finally able to standardize our technical support worldwide and improve the quality of service.”

Stian Braastad, Global 24/7 and RDS Support Center Director, ABB Marine and Ports

Abrechnungszentrum Emmendingen / Billing Center Emmendingen

“ConSol CM shows its true strength in complex cases, whose solution several departments contribute to.”

Manuela Schiff, Project and Quality Management

ALSO Actebis GmbH

"ConSol CM lets us clearly follow along with the sales process from start to finish. Both our partner and our own employees can tell at a glance who is responsible for which lead and which phase a lead is in. ConSol CM enables a sales-oriented solution in every respect."

Thomas Heidbreder, Head of ITK Sales Support

AOK Bayern

Read the following customer quote:

“The ConSol software makes our business processes so transparent that fraudulent patterns really catch the eye – bad times for imposters. That we once again decided to employ ConSol was obvious. Because we’ve been working with ConSol together successfully for years now in medical error and IT-Service Management. We especially value the consistency of the advisors: so now the ConSol employees know our procedures almost exactly as good as we do ourselves.”

“ConSol CM helped AOK in taking the first step towards SOA. Beyond this, the project was very important for our strategic direction in the IT environment. In the future, AOK can react flexibly to changes and in the long run reduce costs. Since we’ve been working in with ConSol successfully for years in medical error and IT-Service-Management, we once again decided to use ConSol.”

Astra Platform Services GmbH (APS)

Check out the following customer quotes:

"We opted for ConSol CM because it offers us a simple solution for a complex process. The system handles 200 or 2,000 queries per week just as efficiently as it handles 20. It's this system flexibility that we appreciate. We are in a special situation of needing to react quickly when an incident occurs. Thanks to ConSol CM, we have reduced our response times.”

„The system has become our control center where we map numerous processes and can count on reliability.”

AXA Assistance

“Even during pilot operation we were astonished by how many support requests we were actually able to process every day – before using ConSol CM, we never had this kind of transparency.
The software has considerably improved communication within IT support between our two sites.”

AXA Assistance – Dorothée Appel, Director of IT and Technology

Barmenia Insurance Company

"For Barmenia Insurance Co., future-oriented enterprise leadership also means the implementation of modern information and communications technology. With ConSol CM we can cover all of our current requests and improve the system as need be. And what’s extremely important for successful software implementation: Employee acceptance is very high.“

Lothar Klose, Department Head Communication Services

Bayerischer Rundfunk

“We especially value the transparency that ConSol CM has given us. Now we can see at a glance which tasks have been performed by which departments. It is also important for us that the employees accept the system. In this case, during the few months of the test phase, we were able to process a thousand requests.”

Director of FS Systems Technology

Brainloop AG

"Since we had many different requirements for the new solution and needed to integrate a wide range of processes into customer support, we were hoping to find an all-in-one solution. The ability to track incoming helpdesk inquiries was important to us, as was the traceability of said inquiries and the ability to react as quickly as possible. We found all of these features in the ConSol CM customer service management solution.“

Susanne Raisch, Senior Service Manager by Brainloop

Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH / Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency Co.

"ConSol understood what the Finance Agency needs: ConSol CM makes it possible to depict the complex processes and components of our Complaint and Customer Contact Management so that our service employees are always well informed and can process the inquiries quickly. These Standard Objects can be extended across teams in the entire Customer Contact Management as an easy to use user interface. Thus we follow the concept of ConSol CM as a service oriented architecture software. A big plus for us was, moreover, that ConSol CM, thanks to its standard interfaces, was easily integrated in our system landscape.“

Jörg Plinke, Divisional Manager Consumer Business


“We found in ConSol a medium-sized IT company and monitoring specialist who works with us as equal partners. They were able to flexibly customize their services according to our needs and have a regional office in the area as well.“

Frank Müller, IT Manager at Carglass


"The ConSol solution won us over because it could be implemented quickly and we were able to go live in production within a very short period. ConSol handles every aspect of ITIL, allowing us to rely on tried-and-true standard processes that relieve the pressure on our employees and contribute to faster problem resolution.“

Peter von Minnigerode, IT Manager

Cooper Standard

"We were looking for a uniform process platform in the area of SAP software development in order to better integrate end users and business analysts into the process. We were already familiar with ConSol CM from various other application areas. The decision to use ConSol CM as a standard tool for the new process as well was the obvious choice.“

Timo Rühl, IT Manager

d-kn group

"We were won over by the flexibility of the system. The web-based solution enabled integration into the processes of our customer and ConSol CM provided seamless documentation. Every service employee has a detailed overview of the current processing status of inquiries at all times.“

Christian Felber, CRM-Manager

Eblinger & Partner

"We were looking for a new solution that offered as much flexibility as possible so that we could simply work on and optimize our processes in the future. With ConSol CM we can finally see everything from the 'project perspective' without skipping the quality provided by proper data recording.”

Florens Eblinger, Founder and CEO

EP:Netshop GmbH

“We chose ConSol CM because it is an excellent, economical solution for modern, efficient customer management. The software is so scalable that it will continue to grow as our company grows.”

Dr. Michael Krumpholz, CEO


"We decided on ConSol CM, since within our Customer Support a uniform customer platform was to be created. That brings us the advantage of a holistic view of the customer without media disruption. A big plus with ConSol CM: the takeover of customer data as well as the occurrences from our old system takes shape very simply. As expected, ConSol CM integrated itself in the existing infrastructure very well. Thanks to the simple user guidance, the effort for training our employees was mimimal.“

Jörg Fürbacher, CEO

Flughafen München

“We are exceedingly satisfied with the new solution. Implementation went off without a hitch, despite the fact that solutions had to be adapted to specific requirements. We see the structure for active customer dialog as the deciding factor in using ConSol CM.”

Irina Graf, Projekt Manager by Airport Munich

Fraport AG

"Since the Go-Live in April 2010 the operational area is indeed content. Especially the simple operation, the clarity, the transparency, and speed of the software were praised. The management is satisfied with the uniform database and the reporting about all processes.“

Thomas Klisch, Technical Leader of the Project Impulse Management

Gemeinnützige Werkstätten und Wohnstätten GmbH (GWW) / Non-profit Workshops and Dwellings Co.

"We are glad that at the crucial moment we jumped on the IT service management bandwagon. I recall the times of our proprietary developed ticketing system, our everyday work was shaped by a rather rigid system without escalation possibilities. The software solution from ConSol simplifies our work considerably. Because, in addition to our help desk core competence, it’s usable in many other areas, so for example for order processing, for controlling administrative processes and the communication between different departments. We plan to extend the usage of ConSol CM in the future. The high scalability of the software accommodates us very much.“

Michael Klein, System Administrator

GLS Austria

"We couldn't be more satisfied with the ConSol solution. It runs without a hitch and has vastly improved our customer service processes. We can process significantly more inquiries per day.“

Axel Spörl, CEO of GLS Austria

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum (GRZ)/ Gutenberg Computer Center

"For us it was important that the software follows our processes, and that we don’t have to bend our processes, because the software is too inflexible to depict these adequately.“

Dr. Bernhard Baehr from Quality Management

Haribo Co.

"Thanks to the flexibility and ease of use of ConSol CM we could easily halve the processing time of a complaint, including cause elimination to, on the average, two days. In this case the system creates above all room for individual attention to every consumer."

Marco Alfter, Head of Press and Public Relations

Heimbach Co.

"With the graphic Workflow Designer from ConSol CM we can exactly depict our work processes and change them ‚on-the-fly’. The seamless complaint documentation in  ConSol CM makes it possible for us to align our products even closer to the needs of our customers."

Marco Bachmann, IT Coordinator Sales and Thorsten Vonden, Complaint Coordinator

ID.KOM Group

“Working with ConSol CM brings us enormous job simplification. We’ve connected our Ulm location to our headquarters in Kempton and have a better overview of all our processes and a view of the situation in its entirety. ConSol CM is exactly the software that we need. A performant system, which offers the highest transparency.”

Markus Kuhn, Technical Leader

Johnson Controls IFM Industrie GmbH

“When ConSol presented ConSol CM, we knew right away that this is exactly what we needed. Within a short space of time, we had an automated task management system that all of our employees could start using immediately. The software is so user-friendly that we only needed half a day for training.”

Volker Kalkbrenner, Project Manager


"The expandability of ConSol CM appears to be almost unlimited. First of all, our concern was to handle our Service Desk software, supported according to ITIL V3. and to obtain extensive reports. Now we profit from the ability to map among themselves a variety of interlocked processes. We plan to include further business processes in ConSol CM, for example, our project management as well as asset management with a flexible configuration database for the inventorying of hardware, software, and licences. We’re convinced by the ConSol CM solution and would again decide anytime for it."

Björn Skottke, Head of the IT Organisation

Krone Gruppe

 "Our customer service department and our IT department used to lack a uniform, IT-supported base that both departments could use to do their work.

Employees in customer service were working in separate applications and the IT department needed to devote excessive time to customization. Now, they have access to a professional tool that helps them in processing and finding solutions and also saves a lot of time. Our customers and employees profit equally from the solution. We are very happy with our choice and have plans to expand ConSol CM even further in the future. We were won over by the technical expertise as well as numerous references and the IT service provider's many successful project examples."

Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn, CIO by Krone Gruppe

Kyocera Mita Deutschland

“Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, ConSol CRM software enables you to think big, but start small.”

Stefan Mauer, Business Development Manager

maxdome GmbH & Co. KG

"The ongoing agile development of ConSol CM lets us optimize our service with every update. ConSol CM simplifies the day-to-day work of our colleagues in the call center, offering fast, clear, intuitive operation while still providing all information at a glance.“

Marc Rogge, Head of CRM & Customer Service

NTS New Technology Systems Co.

“The Customer Service Management Software from ConSol, through its scalability and flexibility, makes it possible for us to implement complex assignments quickly, professionally, and without big expense. Another important success factor is the very good and individual support from ConSol!”

Johannes Stürzlinger, BSc Project Manager

Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart / Regional Appeal Court Stuttgart

"With ConSol CM we made the right decision. The now ensued enhancements have more than confirmed this impression. Now the administrative effort is overall lower and the user management simplified. The user data are centrally maintained in ConSol CM, the authorization for reporting in Penthaho. For the employees though it’s still not complicated, since they logon to both systems with the same userid.“

Agnes Aderhold, Chairperson Judge and Head oft he common IT-Authority Justice

Orchestra Service Co.

"Next to our team of experts, ConSol CM is a very important reason for our high customer satisfaction.”

Dietmar Ulrich, Managing Director, about IT-Support with ConSol CM


Read the following customer quote:

“Thanks to ConSol CM we now know exactly how many service requests reach us from which departments and can reliably track the processing of every service request. The pinpoint logging of the support cases accelerates the transfers between support groups clearly – which very much contributed to the speedy establishment of the software by our employees.”

“Getting certified according to ISO 20000 has once again proved that our services are of the highest quality. The ConSol CM process software significantly helped us in achieving this recognition. It is a process-oriented ITSM solution that we could simply and flexibly adapt to our requirements and those of ISO 20000. You could say that ConSol CM is the central component of our management system.”

Scheidt & Bachmann

“We were thoroughly impressed by the high level of configurability and flexibility ConSol CM has to offer. Using the graphic Workflow Designer, we can reconfigure workflows and data entry in the system ourselves in order to meet the unique requirements of our German and international units.”

Thomas von Kannen, FCS Help Desk Manager

Speech Processing Solutions

"We are one hundred percent satisfied with our decision to upgrade to the current version of ConSol CM. The day-to-day work of our support employees has become much more convenient and effective thanks to the solution. And we can't stress enough how much we value that ConSol CM took over the monitoring of individual SLA agreements with our international customers."

Michael Wosol,  IT Manager

Stadtverwaltung Celle / City Administration Celle

"ITIL and the new ConSol solution introduced a new era in our internal user support: Combined with this were, of course, also considerable changes in the workflow , which required the willingness of the support staff to get accustomed to new process-oriented work. Now after a six month productive phase we can safely say that the work for the support staff has not only become clearly more efficient, but also is more fun – simply because the employees are more content. The success shows that our decision for ConSol CM was correct. The software offers a maximum of flexibility and scalability, so that we can optimize the internal processes with ConSol step by step.“

Rainer Badur, certified ITIL Service Manager

Landeshauptstadt München / State Capital Munich:

Read the following customer quote:

“Since the introduction of the new system the hotline is reachable per email, which distinctly decreased the numbers of telephone calls. At the same time the processing became irrespective of a person involved. Because of the flexibility and easy extensibility, the user experiences a continuous expedition through the software: which processes could I depict and steer with it? Since the system really encourages contemplation.”

“The company founder and owner Dr. Ulrich Schwanengel has established for over 23 years now an enterprise which combines economic success with superb benefits for its employees. Fairness, employee esteem, and management credibility are distinguishing characteristics at ConSol.”

Stadt Potsdam / City of Potsdam

"We were looking for a new help desk system that is so flexible and scalable that we can manage all our processes with it step by step. The presentation and ConSol’s good references convinced us to go with ConSol CM. The big success of the first project phase shows that this decision was right.“

Karl-Heinz Piechatschek, IT Head

Stadt Regensburg / City of Regensburg

“It is highly noteworthy that employees really like working with ConSol CM and do not perceive it as an added administrational burden. There are even employees who are jealous because they cannot use the system yet. A virtual city hall providing e-government services for citizens is planned for the future, based on ConSol CM.”

Heidi Kick, PR department of Regensburg

Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck / Municipal Utilities Jena-Pößneck

"With ConSol CM we finally found a helpdesk solution for our IT service management which combines under one roof our present asset management with a workflow supported ticketing system. The employees now profit from the escalation monitored, process-controlled solution of their problems. The requests are processed more quickly, all data is centrally accessible, and no information gets lost in personal email folders. The implementation of ConSol CM went really smooth. Together with the ConSol advisors we worked out in workshops the for us optimal qualification features, processes, and delivery points, and after a very short test phase we could already go productive with the system.“

Sylvia Lippold, Team leader Application Support at varys

SCHUFA Holding Corp

"ConSol CM convinced us with its adaptability and the possibility to process all consumer occurrences without media disruption. Through this we not only accelerated the service processes, but also could improve sustainably the quality of our database thanks to the analysis possibilities in ConSol CM.“

Holger Loos, Leader of the SCHUFA Consumer Service Centers

TNT Innight Co.

"Thanks to the helpdesk solution ConSol CM it’s now possible for our employees in the ICS Service Desk to work process-guided and structured according to ITIL. The software solution is customized and assures that no duplicate IT requests are processed and, above all, they get processed promptly. The takeover between shifts as well as vacation and substitution are now clearly defined and documented. Altogether ConSol CM promotes efficient work, goes easy on personal resources, and supports the employees, enabling them to concentrate on their major assignments.“

Ralf Peter, Head of ICS Services & Support

UniCredit Direct Services GmbH

“We are more than satisfied with the support of the ConSol experts both consulting, realization and training. The flexibility of the ConSol CM solution convinces us every day anew. For this reason in the future we are going to introduce ConSol CM in a further division: in the internal Helpdesk for our Austrian subsidiaries.”

Niklas Wandpflug-Reiter, IT and Project Manager

University of Duisburg-Essen

"We opted for ConSol CM, because it’s a very efficient system but still easy to use. Due to the size of our university we receive several hundred inquiries weekly, which we can process very quickly and target-oriented. Since the implementation of ConSol CM, we’ve greatly reduced our reaction times, increased the processing quota, and saved a great deal of time.“

Dr. Holger Gollan, Acting Head of the Business Area Media and Customer Service in ZIM

WashTec Corp.

"We are happy to have made the move to an efficient internal communication tool, which can be expanded as required. The decision in favor of ConSol was not difficult, since we could build upon an existing foundation. Important decision criteria were for us components which we already knew and valued from the ConSol helpdesk, such as the escalation possibilities.“

Martin Rohde, Head of Technical Service

WISAG Gebäudereinigung Holding / WISAG Industrial Cleaning Holding

“With ConSol CM we now have everything in one system and can work fully automated, not like before with the help of excel lists. The control group is now better organized, which means, incoming requests are forwarded directly and the processing immediately started.”

Eduard C. Kutyma, Managing Director