Aximpro GmbH

"It's challenging to bring resellers together with the right manufacturers and the right products. ConSol provided fantastic support through the implementation and go-live of the Data Hub. It puts the prerequisites in place for successfully mastering this task, and as a result we can manage and analyze a large volume of data without any problems. And for this, Aximpro was distinguished with the IT BEST of 2017 Innovation Prize in Business Intelligence.“

Jochen Friesch, General Manager at Aximpro

Bittner + Krull Softwaresysteme GmbH

Read the following customer quote:

“It didn’t take long before we were convinced of the advantages of OMD. It is easy to centrally monitor IT systems when OMD is the monitoring platform – even across multiple locations, with little installation effort and no software expenses thanks to open-source software. It was the right option for us to replace our hit and miss monitoring components with a comprehensive complete system. We already knew ConSol from a previous collaboration on a large-scale smart metering project and we knew that the IT service providers had first-class experience in monitoring projects and that we could rely on them. Just as with previous ventures, ConSol executed our project with the highest level of precision, technical expertise, and in the shortest possible time.”

“The energy market is changing and opening numerous new opportunities for service providers and measuring point operators. Hereby, solutions are sought which as modern communications platforms provide transparency for consumption, price, and utilization. Thanks to the good conception of our smart metering platform by ConSol GmbH we could supply an important customer with a top solution for its new service platform. ConSol was recommended to us and we don’t regret our decision, since the ConSol team has been distinguished by an enormous consulting expertise and professional implementation.”


“We found in ConSol a medium-sized IT company and monitoring specialist who works with us as equal partners. They were able to flexibly customize their services according to our needs and have a regional office in the area as well.“

Frank Müller, IT Manager at Carglass

Continentale Krankenversicherung a.G.

"Sakuli does indeed give us the ability to judge whether the applications we support are working and how performant they are. Nearly every anomaly is automatically reported to us before the first user calls us about it."

Daniel Klüh, Head of the Service Management Department, Continentale Krankenversicherung a.G.


“We decided on ConSol since their software-experts had a critical, intensive look at our in part very special topics before the realization of the processes. We are continuously receiving comprehensive IT advice which allows us to expand our activities in further Arabic-speaking countries.“

Dr. Angela Dirrheimer, Board Member of the FWU Corp., responsible for IT


“We are extremely satisfied with the new monitoring solution. It has proven its worth many times over in day-to-day operations. For example, it has allowed us to identify initial bottlenecks in our infrastructure and subsequently eliminate them. What's most important to us is that the new monitoring system provides important information that we can use as a basis for optimizing our business processes and improving customer service and convenience.“

Ana Lozano, Manager CRM & Process Specifications

hetras GmbH

“Before we assigned ConSol Software GmbH, we considered other service providers. ConSol was the only company which promised us an end-to-end service and they kept their promise. The open and manufacturer-independent consulting combined with the highest professionalism in the realization completely convinced us. We’re very satisfied with the results and are considering entrusting the IT full-service providerr from Munich the around-the-clock operations.“

Keith Gruen, Manager of hetras GmbH

Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen – KVN

"With the integration we can now monitor the entire server farm and offer our members better service, since we can proactively react to problems with the application servers. We detect the problem before the user reports it and can quickly solve it. That saves time for the on-call team and gives the members a speedy solution. We’re pleased that ConSol lends its support with a Nagios expert, who with his own solutions can even improve upon the advantages of Open Source Monitoring."

Helmut Konradt, Head of IT at KVN


Check out the following customer quotes:

"We wanted to rely on open source in this area in order to achieve a high degree of coverage for our heterogeneous and extensively networked system landscape and to be able to meet new challenges in our specialized areas with flexible solutions. These are the reasons why we opted for Nagios, a leading future-proof market solution. We quickly reached our decision to select ConSol as a solution partner. ConSol has an outstanding reputation in the Nagios environment, having made a name for itself through its countless developments in add-ons and plug-ins.“

„Seamless project implementation within the set time frame and budget shows that we made the right choice by opting for ConSol. The IT experts at Lidl have collaborated with ConSol in the monitoring for the worldwide Lidl IT infrastructure and the corresponding applications, completely digitized through Nagios, and contributed substantially to making Lidl's business model even more future-proof and solidifying our position as a successful and innovative individual retailer of the future.“

M-net Telekommunikations GmbH

Check out the following customer quotes:

"We were looking for a uniform solution that would make easy administration and, above all, clear graphic representation possible for us. We struck gold by finding ConSol and op5. The Munich-based IT service provider won us over with the solution and with its service. At ConSol, we get IT expertise, consultation and support from a single source - and it's in the immediate vicinity of our location.“

"Customers have been interested in more than just a company's products for some time now. They also desire top-of-the-line service. High-quality digital service has become much more than an added gimmick. It's a standard part of the package. Through our E-Care strategy, we are laying the foundation to distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing a comprehensive, state-of-the-art and functional service platform and to meet our customers' needs with custom service options. This helps us reach our company objective of customer satisfaction in the long term. The technical expertise of the ConSol developers, their local proximity to us and our positive experiences with them in past projects solidified our decision to collaborate with ConSol.“

Parasol Island GmbH

“The technical skills of the ConSol specialists, especially with regard to the media branch,  as well as access to the existing 7×24 hour structure offset the work of several highly qualified administrators – with the advantage, that the ConSol employees provide a profound and highly up-to-date know-how about all aspects of our infrastructure, which we could hardly have generated internally.”

Sebastian Druschel, Manager and IT Responsible at Parasol Island

pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

"Finding Sakuli gave us a comprehensive tool that we can use to monitor the functionality and availability of our applications. It's an innovation in this area. Up to this point, we haven't seen anything that showed comparable advantages in the areas of web and GUI. We are now able to detect performance modifications or malfunctions in our applications early on and take measures to correct them. Combining this solution with Nagios was also a success. In addition, the visualization of test periods in graphs is a major advantage when evaluating application quality."

Markus Wenzel, Head of IT Infrastructure by pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

Riege Software International

“For this assignment we opted for ConSol since they have an excellent reputation in the Nagios world and their employees are very active there. Their direct contact to the Shinken senior developers simplified the communication considerably. Bugs in Shinken could be fixed via ConSol in no time flat. The guideline is a concept from the hand of experts which we could implement one to one. Also, during the implementation ConSol experts were at our disposal in word and deed.”

Gunther Schlegel, Head of IT Infrastructure at Riege Software International


"Three factors were important to us for this project. Firstly, we wanted to be able to manage the increasing user data amounts more securely, effectively and efficiently. Secondly, we wanted to preserve our investment by continuing to use our existing infrastructure. And thirdly, we wanted to be able to carry out advanced analyses more quickly and easily in the future. The concept from ConSol fulfills all three of these criteria. We followed a recommendation from Cloudera when selecting a service provider, and we're certain we have found the right partner in ConSol.“

Christoph Reininger, Head of Business Intelligence by Runtastic

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

"The ConSol team already proved to us in the previous project that it can successfully shape SOA projects on the basis of TIBCO. The decision for the Munich IT house was once again correct: the ambitious project was completed within the allotted time and budget, and the software has been running as of late in production."

Florian Hascher, Analysis Leader at  Telefónica Germany Co.