Comparison of Technologies:
SQL vs. NoSQL vs. NewSQL

SQL, NoSQL or NewSQL? Choosing the right persistence technology is not always easy. Because there is no database suitable for all use cases. Therefore, experts should accompany the selection of a customized solution. The following table shows the largest differences between SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL database systems.

 SQLNoSQL ("Not only SQL")NewSQL


ACID, TransactionsBASE, restricted transactionsACID, transactions

Inquiry Language

SQL (Compatibility)Non SQLSQL (Compatibility)


Fixed, relational schemeDynamic scheme, schemeless, unstructured dataFixed, relational scheme

Data Storage

Data in tablesVariety: documents, graphs, key-value pairsData in tables


Vertically scalable (better server)Horizontally scalable (many servers)Horizontally scalable (many servers)

Amount of Data

Medium amount of dataVery large amounts of dataVery large amounts of data


Linking data with JOINNo or only limited JOINLinking data with JOIN


PostgresSQL, OracleDocument-based database (MongoDB), Graph database (Neo4j), Key Value Store (Redis, Voldemort), Wide-column stores (Apache Cassandra)Google Spanner, CockroachDB, VoltDB, Apache Ignite

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