OpenShift Operations: Remote, 24/7 and high performing

Take advantage of our extensive know-how as a Red Hat Premier Partner and create freedom for your business.

Support your team

With Red Hat OpenShift on a Kubernetes basis, you have a modern container platform for the development and operation of cloud-native applications. Want to free up your developers and not worry about everything? Then you can rely on our OpenShift operations team of German- and English-speaking experts who are available around the clock.

IT 360

We look at your system entirely – including infrastructure, the OpenShift platform itself and various applications. Our service package includes cluster health and container monitoring, which allows us to speed up troubleshooting and solve problems proactively.

Comprehensive Services

We plan and deploy your OpenShift Minor/Errata and Image Updates. The high degree of automation and so-called "self-healing processes" reduce downtimes in OpenShift to a minimum. Using the monitoring data and monthly ticket reports, we evaluate the platform’s workload and performance. In regular service review meetings, we discuss the results with you and take actions to optimize the platform.

SPoC for our customers

There is no such thing as "having to ask your way through" in case of any malfunctions. As your single point of contact, we are your reliable partner in incident, problem and change management. Our customers are for example companies from the automotive & telecommunications industry, plant engineering and construction or retail trade. All of them have been relying on our expertise for years. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our services!

OpenShift Operations:
Our Services in Detail


  • Red Hat Premier Partner with top OpenShift expertise
  • 24/7 operating team with German- and English-speaking experts
  • Many years of experience in operating heterogeneous environments
  • Perfectly tuned monitoring with automatic alarm
  • OpenShift updates & security updates
  • Application operation
  • Defined SLAs and calculable costs


Incident management5x8 (9 am - 5 pm)
National holidays excluded
Monitoring infrastructre (OCP Services, Ressources)  
Container monitoring > Prometheus  
OS updatesmonthlyweekly
Security updates (as soon as available)  
OpenShift Errata/Image Update (Bugfixes etc. within a release)1 x per monthas soon as available
Response time4 h2 h
Integration of further nodesT&MT&M
Release updatesT&MT&M
Change of infrastructureT&MT&M
Application operation(container)optionaloptional
Operation workload scheduling/Ressource managementoptionaloptional
Operation backup/restoreoptionaloptional
Operation CI/CD Pipelineoptionaloptional


Peter Hotter