Automated test framework Citrus

A jolt of vitamin C for the integration of all system components

We ensure that your software stays healthy – which is why we named our open-source test framework Citrus. This extremely versatile solution allows for fully automated integration tests in large-scale and complex system environments. Thanks to interface simulation you will safely go into production.

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Integration tests using Citrus:

  • Platform-independent test framework that can be flexibly used for all kinds of technologies and protocols
  • Fully automated tests for all standard enterprise interfaces such as HTP, JMS, TCP/IP, REST, FTP, XML, and many more
  • Takes account of specific requirements via integration of proprietary adapters/endpoints
  • Full automation for both positive and negative testing scenarios
  • Transparent and traceable test case description in XML or Java
  • Simulation of interface partners for both the client and the server


  • Cost savings thanks to the use of an existing framework
  • Reliably helps you achieve your quality, function and stability goals
  • Stock-taking can be realized accurately at any time during the development process
  • Trouble-free migration from development to production
  • Low cost solution thanks to open source technology
  • Review of messages exchanged between the system needing to be tested and all components that are to be connected