Software development – Helping you achieve your goals

ConSol implements the ideas we jointly developed with you to technical perfection and puts your specifications to paper during the software development process. At the end of the day, you receive a turnkey application that is ready to support your business. Our developers are highly skilled in the use of their tools, have proven experience working with different methods, and master various programming languages. Not only that, they help you achieve your goals.

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What we offer

  • Software development specialists with expertise in all standard technologies, programming languages, tools, and methods
  • Java/Java EE programming specialists with strong market reputation (through numerous publications and presentations)
  • Open to all technologies, including open source projects as well
  • Use of agile methods for incremental implementation and test driven development
  • Technology leader thanks to our in-house research and development activities

How you benefit

  • A leading-edge technological solution that also meets the highest quality standards
  • Results-based specification of your requirements, without any unnecessary technical feature bloat
  • Budget-minded implementation and rapid results
  • Possibility to influence the process thanks to collaborative and iterative approach
  • Risk minimization and quality assurance