Focus on user productivity – Client applications from ConSol

We are currently witnessing a major shift in what is expected of client applications. Developers need to take an ever-growing number of device types and system platforms into account and adapt the ergonomic design accordingly. In addition, security-related considerations are increasingly important due to the wide variety of access options available.

ConSol develops tailor-made client applications that allow the company’s employees to work securely and productively in any situation. We employ technologies such as HTML5 to deliver all of the required functions for applications that are both fast and user-friendly. We support you in the process of selecting and implementing the client concept that meets your specific needs, ranging from Web and native mobile apps to hybrid solutions.

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What we offer

  • We develop client applications and design the accompanying architecture.
  • We provide support and advice on a wide range of mobile client concepts (native/Web apps or hybrid solutions).
  • We have expertise in HTML5 used to design innovative Web-based applications.
  • We develop single-page applications (SPAs) via JavaScript.
  • We design and implement deployment platforms for mobile clients.

How you benefit

  • Flexible client applications for any type of end device
  • Top performance in various system environments
  • User-friendly and intuitive to use 
  • Reliable, secure software applications
  • Rapid deployment of the latest technologies in your client projects