Industry expertise from ConSol – success stories of all industries and fields of business

Companies in different industries often have highly specific requirements regarding their IT systems. It is necessary to design these systems with the respective needs of the market and customer in mind. Likewise, specialized professional applications require the matching infrastructure and, in many cases, are subject to specific statutory requirements and industry standards.

Companies stand to benefit from proven industry expertise by working together with ConSol. We have extensive project experience in a wide range of fields, including the automotive, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors. Our consultants and technical specialists know and understand the general requirements and conditions specific to the respective industry. This enables us to develop solutions that truly help our customers faster than others.

Examples of ConSol’s industry expertise

  • Financial services and insurance: ConSol helps banks and insurers reduce their costs and respond to changing customer needs.
  • Automotive industry: We develop customized solutions for manufacturers and suppliers that are both reliable and cost-effective.
  • Telecommunications: ConSol solutions enable telecommunications providers to improve the quality of their service and deliver innovative services.
  • IT-services: We help other IT companies develop new technologies and integrated services.
  • Manufacturing: Our enterprise IT consulting services for industrial companies deliver quantifiable business advantages from your IT investments.