IT services for the automotive industry – Full speed ahead with ConSol

Few other sectors place such high standards on their IT systems like the automotive industry does. Manufacturers and suppliers require high-performance applications to support the development of new vehicle technologies and optimize processes, both within their company and beyond. Central IT systems must be available 24/7 to ensure round-the-clock production. The industry also places the highest standards in terms of security regarding the handling of design information and other sensitive data.

Why ConSol? Automotive expertise you can count on

ConSol knows the special IT requirements of the automotive industry from numerous projects in the field and provides companies with innovative solutions to help them maintain their competitive position. We support IT departments in designing, managing, and operating mission-critical systems and develop customized applications for common tasks such as fleet management, team coordination, and process optimization.

  • 24/7 operation of IT platforms and applications
  • IT infrastructure monitoring, including monitoring solutions
  • Planning and implementation of security and network solutions
  • Design and operation of large-scale e-mail and collaboration systems
  • Identity management for secure management of access rights
  • Solutions for managing test/preproduction vehicles
  • Process consulting in order to optimize IT service processes

ConSol in automotive industry