ConSol uses Nagios to monitor 2,000 Unix servers

Our customer is a leading German automobile manufacturer. ConSol specialists have been monitoring the company’s 2,000 Unix servers across the entire EMEA region since October 2005, including central SAP, cluster, database, and external web servers. The tried-and-tested Nagios framework is the cornerstone of monitoring. The open-source solution fully replaced the proprietary predecessor system, Tivoli, as the license costs were in danger of getting out of control, not least as regards the migration of the licensing system.

The decision in favor of Nagios pays off in several ways:

  • Personnel – Nagios makes manufacturer-independent expertise for maintenance and expansion unnecessary.
  • Technically – The open-source solution can be expanded quickly and cost-efficiently and customized to customer requirements thanks to free interfaces and system modules.
  • Financially – There are no acquisition and licensing costs.
  • Structurally – With Nagios, a consistent solution covers the entire monitoring of the operating systems, the web server infrastructure, and the SAP systems – where different systems had been in use in the past.

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