Hetras: ‘Deluxe’ IT infrastructure

Hetras is the first Internet-based hotel management software for hotels and hotel chains of all sizes. It’s connected with over 600 travel portals and includes property management, sales, reservations, and channel management. It is continuously being expanded further to include SPA and catering, for example. Hetras required a suitable IT infrastructure to further develop, test, and provide this Software as a Service (SaaS) via the Internet and commissioned ConSol to set it up.

Hetras would like to continue to expand its software and cover new areas in order to be able to provide an all-in-one solution for hotels of all sizes and all possible areas of application. The first stage saw ConSol install a suitable development and testing environment using the public cloud of an external service provider. The cloud was an attractive option as it is billed according to use, available at short notice, and it provides sufficient computing resources according to requirements. As this case involved a development and testing environment that does not process production data, there were no special security limitations to consider. The cloud is also used as a staging environment for production operations.

Reliability, high availability, and data protection take top priority for an SaaS provider during production operations. Permanent, relatively steady computing resources were also required in this case. For this reason, ConSol designed production operations in a ‘traditional’ data center but in a virtual environment. ConSol introduced additional availability elements to the currently existing infrastructure to ensure interruption-free and low-maintenance operation. Here, VMWare ESXi 5, VMWare HA, shared storage, a Linux-based load balancer, and redundant network components were used to minimize the probability of a complete failure. The ‘Backup and Replication’ software from Veeam prevents possible data loss within the environment and enables fast restoration of service in case of a severe hardware failure.

“ConSol was the only provider to promise us an end-to-end service, and the company has been able to keep their promise. We were very satisfied with the open, manufacturer-independent advice combined with the high level professionalism in the implementation process. We are delighted with the services and are now considering trusting ConSol with around-the-clock operations.”

Keith Gruen, CEO Hetras GmbH

Have a look at our complete success story (pdf).