Virtual Desktops: Mobility and performance

As a VMware partner, ConSol carried out a multistage virtualization project for a public institution. This included operational support for initially 300 desktops. In the final phase, several thousand virtual desktops will be in operation at multiple locations. The institution was seeking a reliable, yet simple virtual desktop environment that could be flexibly scaled up as required. Due to declining administrative effort, the colleagues can concentrate on the core business.

The new virtual desktop infrastructure is a combination of servers, software and storage/network components. Sun Ray thin clients allow users to take their desktop with them to other workstations or company sites without the need to install any further software. The user session is solely linked to a smart card. In addition, thin clients feature extremely low power consumption in compliance with the green IT requirements of the institution.

Sun Secure Global Desktop (SSGD) delivers top-notch security and performance for users accessing their desktop online.

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization:

  • Reduced hardware and operating costs thanks to, e.g., lower power consumption
  • Maximum flexibility: scalable infrastructure tailored to customer’s needs
  • Greater mobility for users through use of Sun Ray thin clients
  • More efficient administration and secure remote monitoring of hardware, software applications and network/storage components
  • Resources freed up to boost performance in core IT business
  • Desktop environments faster available for new employees