KVN: Greater reliability for doctors’ invoicing systems

Integration of Java application servers in Open-Source-Monitoring solutions

The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN, the association of statutory health insurance doctors in Lower Saxony) has around 14,500 members, provides medical emergency and other services, and also offers services to statutory health insurance doctors in the areas of practice management and quality assurance. The doctors and psychotherapists within the association can use a password-protected, highly secure member portal to communicate with the KVN system, process invoices, retrieve family doctor contracts for various health insurance companies, analyze their invoice dates, change their master data, or enter quality management queries.

The KVN monitors its entire IT system landscape with Nagios, a powerful Open source monitoring system. For their invoicing needs and for communicating with the KVN, doctors and psychotherapists in Lower Saxony can rely on a powerful system that operates with a minimized failure rate. The Java applications servers are now part of the monitoring system. In the past, it was not possible to monitor them with Nagios due to compatibility problems. They were then integrated with the help of a ConSol solution developed in-house: The implementation of the proven successful Nagios plug-in Jmx4Perl from ConSol made it possible for the KVN to expand its services to doctors and offer reliable access to many online services through web applications.

Jmx4Perl was configured for KVN’s IT landscape and provides monitoring coverage of the following areas: Central storage on the servers, number of simultaneously active users (user sessions) and requests, average request times, technical errors that occur during processing, and the workload of the HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) connectors. The experts at ConSol also provide support in the assessment and analysis of the monitoring results.

“The integration has allowed us to monitor the entire server landscape and offer better service to our members, since we can react to problems with the applications server proactively. We detect the problem even before users are able to report it to us, and we can fix it quickly. This saves time for the emergency team and offers members a fast solution. We are pleased to have the support of a Nagios expert such as ConSol, who is able to enhance the benefits of Open source monitoring through in-house solutions.”

Helmut Konradt, Head of IT at KVN

More details in our complete success story (pdf)