Savoir-faire Linux – performant monitoring with Shinken

The Canadian IT service bureau Savoir-faire Linux is a spezialist in the professional implementation of Open Source Software. Savoir-faire Linux planned a migration of the monitoring tool Zabbix to a Nagios-based solution for a large customer in the public sector. And Shinken was selected. Shinken is a redesign of the Nagios monitoring system to the modern programming language Python.

Crucial  for the decision were Shinken’s high code quality and the solid developer community. The aspired goal of 8,000 hosts and 125,000 services presented the biggest challenge. Indeed, Shinken was so developed that installations of this size were no obstacle. However, through the graphic AddOn Nagvis, performance bottlenecks occurred during livestatus queries. The  immense number of services, which must be searched through and filtered for every livestatus query led to delays on the update of large Nagvis Maps.

Savoir-faire Linux subsequently assigned Gerhard Laußer, monitoring expert at ConSol and author of the Shinken livestatus modules, to tune the code so that Nagvis Maps could be depicted smoothly with several hundred objects. The duration of complex queries was shortened through the achieved improvements by a factor of 100.

The advantages:

  • Shinken: easy code maintenance
  • High performance also ensured for large installations