IT services for financial service providers and insurers – Grow together with ConSol

The financial sector is confronted with a number of major challenges. The trend towards digitalization is causing banks and insurers today to radically rethink their business models, with customers now conducting most of their financial transactions online. At the same time, a number of new competitors who offer mobile payment systems or online financial services are entering the marketplace. Banks and insurers therefore need to offer their customers real added value, while remaining on the cutting edge of technology, to succeed in the future.

Why ConSol? You can count on our expertise in the financial sector

ConSol helps financial service providers achieve a healthy balance between rising costs and changing customer needs. We support banks and insurers in realigning their IT strategies and show them what options are available to them to lower their ongoing IT operations costs. ConSol also develops customized solutions for various applications such as the point-of-sales business or mobile services. Our range of solutions available for the financial services sector includes remote management and system monitoring services.

  • Monitoring of financial applications and server environments
  • 24/7 support for critical applications like online banking
  • Remote management of servers, load balancers, and other IT components
  • Design and implementation of security infrastructures
  • Identity management for secure management of access rights
  • Mobile banking apps for many different platforms (iOS, Android, multi-platform)
  • Sourcing strategy support, from data centers to the cloud

ConSol in financial services and insurance