ConSol as a partner for IT companies – Working together with you to develop new solutions

IT companies today are under pressure to launch innovative new products quickly and respond flexibly to customer needs in order to ensure their long-term success. Software, hardware, and service providers therefore require strong partners to optimally complement their specific expertise. The different technologies and skill sets have to work together in perfect harmony in order to create integrated solutions that optimally benefit customers.

Why ConSol? Our services for software developers, hardware manufacturers, and IT service providers

ConSol is working closely with other IT solution providers on a number of projects. For example, we support software makers by offering them expertise in the design and development of new applications. ConSol also develops IT infrastructures used to deliver applications as services from an in-house data center or by way of a cloud environment. Other services available to IT companies range from quality assurance and process optimization to monitoring and support.

  • Experts in Java/Java EE architecture and object-oriented design
  • Extensive expertise in the area of service-oriented architecture
  • Web development on the basis of HTML5, AJAX, and Java Web frameworks
  • Design and implementation of enterprise mobile apps
  • Integration testing and systematic quality assurance
  • Infrastructure for software as a service (SaaS) solutions
  • Hosting of applications in a data center or in the cloud

ConSol in IT services