IT Consulting – Achieve more with customized consulting services

IT consulting from ConSol means that your individual needs are given top priority from day one. As an IT service provider, we work together with you to create a suitable strategy and demonstrate possible ways to achieve your goals in a quick and cost-effective manner. Guaranteed long-term results: Our IT consultants take the technical requirements and aspects such as performance, scalability, and security into consideration at all times. Based on these requirements, they make manufacturer-independent recommendations to ensure that your investment lasts long into the future. Just as you would expect it to.

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Our key IT consulting services include:

  • Process consulting: We bring together IT and business thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the SOA, EAI, and BPM landscapes and ensure that your application environment provides optimum support for your business processes.
  • Architecture design: We take an iterative approach to developing and planning your enterprise IT architecture and optimize how hardware and software work together.
  • Cloud consulting: Private cloud? Public cloud? Data center? We find the perfect solution for your long-term IT success based on your business processes and requirements.
  • Software consulting: We carefully review your requirements, possible synergies with legacy systems, and potential risks when developing new applications.
  • Infrastructure consulting: We will present you with the ideal solution, regardless of whether you are looking to set up a new network, require a new Web or application server, or if there are difficulties in terms of performance, scalability or connectivity.
  • Security concepts: We advise you on all matters regarding the security of your enterprise architecture: Whether it’s mobile security, access rights, point-to-point security, intrusion protection systems, network encryption, or ISO 27001 consulting – our security experts accept every challenge that comes their way.