Digital Transformation - A holistic approach to the future of your enterprises

The digital transformation changes business models by using IT, and this does not only affect IT companies but virtually all lines of businesses. It affects existing processes and introduces new ideas. Embracing the digital transformation now is be a crucial step in ensuring a company’s long term success.

Team up with ConSol and our unique experience to take the steps into the digital future together.

What does Digital Transformation mean for your company?

  • Establishing one common IT platform for all departments
  • Create a holistic IT landscape including legacy systems as well as newly deployed solutions
  • Bridge established, isolated IT solutions together to avoid time consuming media breaks.

The ultimate goal of the Digital Transformation is to generate a clear picture of the company’s success factors, to advance and improve the existing and to put forward new lines of business.

This process needs to be reflected by a cultural change in companies, towards holistic thinking and continuous improvements of the technological status quo.

Our expertise includes:

  • DevOps: A cultural change for better software lifecycles
  • Software Tesing: Quality insurance for agile development
  • OpenShift and Docker: Standardize and automate your software deployments
  • Big Data and the Industrie 4.0: Making sense of valuable data
  • ConSol CM: Allow your processes and workflows to follow you in the digital age
  • IT Security: A digital future made safe by our Security Mentoring.
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