IT transformation - without interruption into the future

Companies are faced with the task of constantly adjusting their IT strategy in an effort to optimally support their business objectives. However, changes to this strategy can only be implemented if the existing IT and application environment is upgraded. ConSol systematically supports you during the transformation process.

We analyze your requirements, assess the conditions in place, and work together with you to design a target architecture. We use a combination of proven systems and innovative technologies to lay the foundation for your long-term business success.

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Successful IT transformation in four steps

  • Analyze requirements – What are the key goals, factors, and trends with regard to your IT systems going forward? We identify your organizational and technological requirements in step one. Our experts combine experience in both IT and business whether it’s for the implementation of a service-oriented architecture, integration and implementation of enterprise applications, or the optimization and IT-supported implementation of your business processes.
  • Develop the architecture – A carefully designed enterprise architecture is the basis for a successful IT transformation. Our Java/Java EE architecture and object-oriented design specialists plan and implement your tailor-made target architecture step by step in an iterative manner – independent from specific manufacturers and conscious of costs. Our IT operations experts are already involved at this stage and have an eye on scalability, performance, and availability at all times.
  • Optimize processes – An IT transformation project is the perfect time to more closely align your IT with your business processes. ConSol will help you seize this opportunity and tap new potential over the long term. We take a holistic approach to optimizing your processes, instead of piecemeal upgrades. The aim here is to ensure your software and system environment support your core business where this is most needed and guarantee maximum process efficiency now and in the future.
  • Oversee project implementation – Time and costs quickly spiral out of control during major, strategic IT projects. You need professional project management from day one for IT transformation to succeed. Along with our many years of experience in all project phases, ConSol is able to bring professional and technical skills as well as a keen understanding of human psychology to the table when identifying disruptive factors and risks. We take a structured, target-oriented approach and employ proven methods to ensure the success of your project.