Architecture consulting – Evaluating and reviewing strategic IT projects

In today’s world, companies face a number of major challenges when seeking to upgrade their IT architecture. What role will big data play in your IT system’s future? When is the use of cloud services a viable option? And how is it possible to achieve end-to-end IT compliance and a rapid ROI? ConSol helps you design IT architectures with a view to the future, without losing sight of practicality.

Our architecture consulting specialists work together with you to define an architecture, assess the compatibility with the goals of all stakeholders, and support you in selecting suitable technologies. We conduct feasibility studies, develop prototypes, and design agile processes as we lay the groundwork for successful implementation. Would you like to draw on our expertise for a project that has already begun? We’ll conduct an architecture review to analyze your strategy and recommend upgrades.

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What we offer

  • Our experienced IT architects with a wide range of industry expertise evaluate new IT architecture concepts.
  • We work to high standards when defining the architecture and planning implementation.
  • We take a practical approach from day one on the basis of feasibility studies and prototyping.
  • We support you in establishing agile development processes (continuous integration, build and release management, tools, standards, QA, etc.).
  • We review existing IT architectures and create a list of recommended enhancements.
  • The ConSol Academy and a dedicated Research & Development department conduct an ongoing analysis of current technological trends.

How you benefit

  • Lower costs and rapid ROI thanks to streamlined IT architectures
  • Highly future-proof and readily scalable solutions to meet growing demands
  • Security for your investment thanks to integration of legacy applications
  • Comprehensive architecture planning in strategic fields such as cloud computing and big data
  • Rapid adjustment to new market conditions and short time-to-market