Project audit and software review – How to bring your project back on track

Not every project goes as planned. Under real-life conditions, deadlines are missed, budgets are exceeded, and no observable results are achieved. The specialists at ConSol help you salvage projects if any of the aforementioned issues arise. We conduct a comprehensive project audit in order to provide transparency, identify risks and disruptive factors, and recommend appropriate countermeasures.

ConSol also offers our customers software reviews specifically targeted at application development projects. You can count on our support in situations where your customized applications are not running as well as they should, frequently trigger error messages, and are costly to maintain. Our software review helps you to check the source code, identify areas for improvement, and keep your accountants happy.

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What we offer

  • Comprehensive technological expertise and experience in all phases of a project
  • Keen understanding of human psychology as well as professional and technical skills used to identify risks and disruptive factors
  • Structured project audit with specific targets and milestones
  • Vendor-neutral software reviews conducted on the basis of suitable methods (peer review) and tools (Clover, Crucible, Fisheye, PMD)
  • Goal-oriented approach with strong focus on customer

How you benefit

  • Objective analysis by experts who are neutral and act solely in the customer’s interest
  • Transparency regarding the structure and workflows for IT projects
  • Specific measures resulting in tangible improvements
  • Experienced troubleshooters who work fast and flexibly
  • Measurable results with quantifiable ROI – for example, well-running software reduces maintenance costs